Are You Donor Conceived | 2015 National Conference
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2015 National Conference

2015 National Conference for Donor Conceived People & Accompanying Art Exhibition


PLEASE NOTE: Conference registrations have now closed.


Date and Time: 

Saturday 27th June 2015, 10am – 5pm



Majorca Room, Level 1, City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne


Who Can Attend?

Donor conceived people over the age of 16 years



To create an opportunity for donor conceived people from across Australia to network and provide peer support as we explore topics such as what it means to be donor conceived, the search for identity, belonging, and the meaning of family.


The ethos of the conference is supporting all donor conceived people. Each person has their own perspective which is reflected in differing levels of desire to access or not access information about their biological origins. However this decision should be framed by a fundamental choice to access information about our biological origins, if we so wish, no matter when or where we were born.


The national conference is timed to coincide with the enactment of Victorian legislation which comes into effect on Monday 29th June 2015 that will allow all donor conceived people to apply for information about their donor. We would like to take this opportunity to publicise the need to improve the rights of donor conceived people across Australia. There will be forums on the Victorian experience of law reform and opportunities for interested people to help coordinate peer support groups and find out how they can support a national approach to protecting donor treatment records against destruction, establishing donor registers if they don’t already exist, and allowing donor conceived people to access information about their genetic identity.


There will also be a concurrent art exhibition held at the City Library Gallery. The Victorian Assisted Reproductive Treatment Authority (VARTA) and a creative coalition of donor-conceived people and donors will present a mixed-media exhibition exploring the historical context, personal experiences, changing public opinion, and potential new outcomes for donors and donor-conceived people, with a focus on community education. If you are interested in contributing to this art exhibition please contact us or VARTA senior education officer Kate Bourne