Are You Donor Conceived | A Right to Know – The Victorian Government Discussion Paper
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A Right to Know – The Victorian Government Discussion Paper

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The Victorian Government is committed to giving all donor-conceived people the right to access identifying information about their donors.

Whether it’s to know more about their heritage, to learn their medical history, or so that they can try to connect with the generous individuals who donated to give them life, all donor-conceived Victorians should have the same rights to access information about where they came from.

Currently, the rights of donor-conceived people to obtain identifying information about their donors is inconsistent and confusing – it arbitrarily depends on when gametes (reproductive cells) were donated.

The Government’s proposed amendments will remove these random time constraints, and give all donor-conceived people the same rights to access identifying information about their donors.

The Government does recognise that some donations made prior to 1988 were done so on the basis of anonymity, and the proposed changes take this into account through the provision of contact preferences.

Discussion Paper

The Government has released a Discussion Paper, ‘The Right to Know’, which outlines how the proposed changes will work in practice.

It details how donor-conceived people will be able to apply for information, how contact preferences will apply, and how donors and donor-conceived people will be supported through this process.

The Government is calling for submissions on this Discussion Paper.

Submissions need to be made by by Friday, 4 September 2015 and can be done via:


email to


Assisted Reproductive Treatment Policy Manager
50 Lonsdale Street
Melbourne, VIC – 3000

Alternatively, to request a copy of the discussion paper mailed to you call (03) 9096 8750.

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