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“There are an estimated 60,000 donor conceived people in Australia”


DC not only stands for Detective Comics, or the District of Columbia. The new DC is Donor Conceived. If your parents used an egg, sperm or embryo donor to get pregnant then you are donor conceived. There are an estimated 60,000 donor conceived people in Australia and millions around the world. An estimated 90% of donor conceived people aren’t aware of their status because their parents have never told them. One of these people could be you.


RUDC is a public awareness campaign with a difference. Now there’s less chance that you’re DC than that you will get heart disease or diabetes, but if you are DC, it’s arguably more profound. Although we might appear like ordinary people our donor conceived identities are often shrouded in mystery and have caught up with us long after the age we should have known about them. The discovery of this identity is often a cause of considerable anguish and soul searching; at least for a time. But once we’ve been through the wringer we often come out the other side with a sense of fight, confidence and find ourselves in the midst of a supportive and understanding community.


RUDC is about creating a place of information, solace and support for the DC community, as well as creating awareness amongst the wider public that we exist and are still being discriminated against in social, legal and medical ways.


Before you dismiss donor conception as being irrelevant, remember, some of us were once like you, and had not the foggiest idea that we were donor conceived.

Ask your parents, “Am I donor conceived?”


It’s Time to Ask.